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Shadow Songs and Stories

Shadow Songs and Stories

Shadow Songs and Stories brings favorite songs and stories to life with cleverly crafted shadow puppets. Who's that roaming on the roof ? In Maggie's unique take on "Home on the Range," it could be buffalo enjoying suburban living. And in "Peace and Quiet," a farmer is having trouble sleeping. His house explodes with noise when he fills it with farm animals on the advice of a wise woman. Once the animals leave, he appreciates what he had at the outset.


The show was magical. We were laughing at the humor and marveling at the way you did it all seamlessly. We loved the way you came out afterwards and explained how things worked. I would recommend this to any group in Assisted Living, Senior Living, and Memory Care.
— Gay H. Sheldon, Resident Services Director, Visiting Nurse Assisted and Senior Living Communities, Somerville, MA


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